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Best web hosting in Bangladesh, USA and UK

Thinking about quality interactions with consumers for your business? Need more attention and selling points to reach those goals you’ve been working

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Thinking about quality interactions with consumers for your business? Need more attention and selling points to reach those goals you’ve been working for? Worried about the competitive market and your future of entrepreneurship?


The internet decides who you are!

Virtual presence is nearly as important as real life presence, perhaps a polished & well-structured website is the most relevant way to get closer to the world of competition. A decent looking website that represents your idea/business is obviously necessary in order to maintain proper business policy execution. In this era of fashion & simplicity we all love to suit up with the proper brand which shows up our personality. Exactly the same goes for a modern website.


Smart business, Smarter Website

A smart business demands a smart website, nonetheless, a bright night idea needs a shiny one. Long ago, online presence was seen as “grandeur” element, since then only tech giants and industry leading companies used to buy domains for themselves concerning their future exterior. Now, the once “Canny” decision is helping their business growth spread even further. As an advertising platform, your website has to be the ideal of perfection.

Reveal first, sell later

No one wants to buy at the first stage, it all depends on how a business man technically drags a customer to buy something, wanted or unwanted. Similarly, your website should be a portal of connection for different products/services you’re willing to serve. A strong hosting makes it all hassle free & easy.

Online shopping is a frequent practice now-a-days, 94% of US citizens used online shopping even only for once.Young generation prefers surfing a website/social media, rather than staring at TV Ads that no longer feels valid to the existing and upcoming generation.


Don’t get confused

Misconception alert!Yes, once websites were only purchased & prepared by big industries, but that was in like in the 90’s. Accessible internet throughout the globe made it easier for the core people of business.

As you have come through the article, you might be a little worried about a lurking question roaming around! Where can I get a reliable hosting? We’ve listed some of the providers of best web hosting in Bangladesh, USA, UK 75+ countries.



Not only Bangladesh but also the whole world, Hos4Coder is anunparalleled, swift & trusted web hosting provider in Bangladesh. Ambitious about top tier goals with high interconnectivity with customers around the world, Host4Coder stands out as a marvelous ulterior for the smart people who are driven by technology & efficient thinking. Holding the edge of advantage over our rivals, we intend to make double assure of 100% vendee my view, only host4coder provides you 50 GB web hosting with unlimited bandwidth in the whole world, not only Bangladesh.So, for Highly services, Host4coder is one of the best web hosting in Bangladesh as well as the whole world


The glimpse of our features:

1) Easy to use control panel

Enjoy cPanel’s smooth, mass applied & user friendly U.I to reduce the amount of hassle. Edit every detail of your website, cPanel is for the perfectionists.

2) Just a click away

We care about your precious time, with our one click installation feature, all the workloads are just a click away. Equip your website with more than 300+ web applications easily.

3) Safe Backup

No need to worry about losing your critical data anymore. As a Hosting provider, We guarantee 100% daily/weekly backup of your data on our safe & secured backup servers.

4) Touch the cloud!

Utilize CloudFare’s integration with the control panelfor the maximum outcome, fillup your needs anytime.

5) Bottom to Top: Website Construction

Host4Coder’s professional team is ready to bring your very first website to live. Sit down and relax while we equip your imagination into reality.


6) PHP versions: You decide

The warehouse is full! It’s upto you to appoint the ideal PHP version per your requirement. In case, we’re eager to hear your call.

7) Less is More!

What you’re getting for only $1.46 per month, is unbelievably breathtaking. Unlimited bandwidth, subdomain, daily backups, cloud storage, programming support and so on. Effectively, our other plans are, however, even more attractive.

8) SSD hosting

As the best web hosting company in Bangladesh, we provided SSD web hosting with more user-friendly services.Standby with our arsenal of high-speed SSD storage, Host4Coder can confidently ensure you faster speed than other hosts.

9) Protection at its peak

Abundant tiers of security are issued to our clients throughout the entire process. Any potential breach in the security layer is taken with great importance and priority.99.99% uptime is a proven reality of our service.

10) Profitable affiliate program

Our affiliate program is something that we want you to be a part of besides regular hosts. Equally, everyone is valuable to us so we’ve taken the meaning of ‘Affiliations”. With 10% comission in the program & a minimum withdrawal rate of $25, you can withdraw or pay for your own hosting & domain.

Why is Host4coder providing so much at such an affordable rate?

The 21st century is here and technology should be overly accessiblefor everyone. Bangladesh has a remarkable rate of IT success worldwide and the hunger for entrepreneurship hasflourished like never before, keeping this sense of responsibility on our watch, we prioritize our younger generation more than just groundless profit. If you are searching for the best web hosting company in Bangladesh, you are already here.

Will I get 24/7 support after purchasing Host4Coder’s service?

Contravention of promise is something that we have never done before. Clients from all over the world praises us for our extremely supportive nature.

How should I trust your quality?

We would love to present you with some our valuable customer’s feedback:

“I am very happy with Host4coder support and service. They are charging less and giving proper support. I will suggest Host4coder for any starters.” — Greg Saunders

“I am a client of Host4coder. It’s a pleasure to work with them. I have developed my business well due to their affordable price and very good technical support. ” — FlorenceRollot

“Host4coder reseller plans are very affordable at the same time they do provide high-end services, quality support and good up time.” — ZorraidaSantiago


How to reach & pay, your service?

You are eligible to pay via – MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, PayPal, Rocket, Bkash& Bank. No hidden fees included, 24Hr auxiliary support standby

Call us: 880 1973-202080


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